1 Thessalonians 5:11: “Therefore encourage one another and build one another, just as you also are doing.”

As we enter into a new season in Bethany Church, we are going to spend time focusing on ‘Seasons of Life’ as part of our new series.

Each one of us is connected to Bethany. For some it’s a place they come often/occasionally. Some see it as their spiritual home where they are challenged/nurtured. For others it is a place of community, fellowship, family.

The word Bethany means ‘house of figs’ – Taking this meaning we shaped this series around the analogy of a fig tree as a cross-generational representation of church. Each part of the tree is interdependent. Each part of the tree needs the other parts to survive and thrive. A tree will experience seasons – the harshness of winter, the rebirth of spring. So we experience this through our spiritual walk individually and as a whole community of believers.

Our series titles reflect the various stages of plant growth – growing, rooted, established & mature. We pray that each person will be encouraged and challenged as we reflect on each stage. Growth does not happen unilaterally. There will be seasons of stunted growth, seasons of steady growth and seasons of abundant growth and fruitfulness as the plant develops and matures. And so we may experience these seasons throughout our Christian lives.

This new series will start at the end of September (26th) and run through to the end of November.

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