Elijah: Search for Hope

“If the Lord is God – Follow Him”

Israel was wavering between two opinions. God was the one who had brought them out of Egypt, but Baal was widely worshipped. It was time for a decision.

As God’s lone prophet Elijah feels the pressure of being in a minority. He feels his unpopularity of standing for God in a society that felt stacked against God’s values and one that was so idolatrous. Elijah feels the pressure BUT he stands for God, and calls for God to show Himself – and God does! Elijah wanted the people to turn their hearts back to God…

God is God and since he is God, He must be fully followed.

Just like Elijah’s audience, if we are wavering, then it is time to make a decision. Will you fully follow the Lord? He is God, who loves you, cares for you, has all wisdom and power and so the invitation is before you, “If the Lord is God, follow Him!”

18th April | Search for Hope – Elijah: Standing Up

25th April | Search for Hope – Elijah: Clinging On

2nd May | Search for Hope – Elijah: Walking Together

9th May | Search for Hope in 2021

Our Small Groups that meet on alternate Sunday evenings will unpack and look at questions based on our morning teaching, along with a time of prayer and fellowship.

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