Living Church

As we start 2019 we will begin our new series  ‘Living Church’. Throughout January and February we will be looking at a number of characteristics that make up such a church.

In his book titled ‘The Living Church’, John Stott states:  ”We need more radically conservative churches: “conservative” in the sense that they conserve what Scripture plainly requires, but radical in relation to that combination of tradition and convention that we call “culture”. Scripture is unchangeable, but culture is not.’ John Stott

The mark of a living church is being clearly biblical – this is timeless and needs to be preserved. We are also encouraged to become loving churches, giving churches, praying churches,  worshipping churches and evangelising churches.

Stott believes that becoming a living church is not an impossible goal…

Come join us in January 2019 as we look at what it takes for us to be a ‘Living Church’ here in Bethany!


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