The Beatitudes – Life in God’s Kingdom

We are going to be learning from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount that is recorded in Matthew’s Gospel at our Sunday morning service from October through to December under the title: The Beatitudes – Life in God’s Kingdom.

What does it mean to be blessed of God? What can we learn about the character of those who wish to be part of the Kingdom of Heaven and what happens when we live that character out? These words of Jesus that we call the beatitudes are so often reduced to just nice sayings but the truths they contain are radical.

October 2018

7th – Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

14th – Blessed are Those who Mourn

21st – Blessed are the Meek

28th – Blessed are Those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

November 2018

4th – Blessed are the Merciful

11th – Blessed are the Pure in Heart

18th – Blessed are the Peacemakers

25th – Blessed are the Persecuted

December 2018

2nd – The Heart of the Beatitudes – Salt & Light

9th – The Beatitudes in Incarnation

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