Steph MacLeod in Concert

We are delighted to be hosting an evening of live music and life story with Scottish singer-songwriter Steph MacLeod on Saturday 12th May at 8pm.

Steph’s critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Light In The Darkest Of Nights’, was released in 2010, and he is currently working on his 3rd studio album. Steph says, “I have a passion for God and for people. It’s my hope that the songs I write will bring them closer together.”

Steph was living rough on the streets of Edinburgh, begging to feed his addictions to drink and drugs. That all changed in 2006 and Steph sings and speaks about how his life was transformed by hearing about Jesus, including the ups and downs since coming to faith.

Steph now shares the hope he found in Jesus all over the world, and draws inspiration from his lived experiences and freedom from homelessness and addiction.

This is a FREE EVENT and everyone is welcome.

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