Six Ways to Pursue Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

No one knew it, but I felt like a failure.

God was blessing our ministry and marriage. People seemed to like us. And we certainly liked each other.

We both had a growing relationship with Christ, but my wife and I didn’t read the Bible or pray together. Jesus was — and is — everything to us, but we couldn’t seem to freely share his work in us with each other.

The questions kept nagging me. What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with us? It’s supposed to be easier than this, isn’t it?

Can you identify? Maybe you want to pray or read the Bible more with your husband, but he resists. Perhaps you wish you could share your deepest struggles and passions with your wife, but she doesn’t really want to go there. Or maybe you feel like some kind of invisible wall divides you.

Without true spiritual intimacy, our marriages will flounder. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to intentionally pursue spiritual intimacy with your spouse, but God designed our marriages to deepen our joy in him as we dig into the goodness of the gospel with our most precious partner.

Marriage Pictures the Gospel…

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