Ephesians: God’s New Community – Current Sunday Series

As a Church we¬†are currently studying and being challenged from the book of Ephesians at our Family Service each Sunday. The title of our series is ‘God’s New Community’, and we are looking at big challenges such as:

– How do we walk the talk?

– How do we walk in new life?

– How do we live in this new community?

– How do we live by these new standards?

– What should these new relationships look like?

In our Small Groups on alternate Sunday evenings we are also studying and learning together from Ephesians under the title: ‘How do you walk the walk you talk?’ If you have not yet connected into a Small Group we would recommend it to you!

To stay up-to-date with what we are currently covering each week at our Family Service please have a read below:


If you’ve missed any talks in this series you click here to catch up!




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