Bethany Church Small Groups

As a church we have just finished looking at ‘Multiply’ (Disciples Making Disciples) in our Small Groups. It has been challenging and helpful to us as we have looked at this key area of what is asked of us as followers of Jesus – We are disciples of Jesus who have been called to multiply by going out and making new disciples of Jesus!

Currently in our Family Service we have started a new series of teaching from the book of Ephesians. To run in parallel with this we are going to be looking at ‘How do you walk the walk you talk?’ which is a series of studies looking at key passages from Ephesians that will help you discover what God says about the lifestyle of a true believer. The studies will help and equip us all as a church to live in a manner worthy of our calling–with the ultimate goal of developing a life marked by maturity, Christlikeness, and peace.

If you haven’t yet connected in with our Small Groups then this would be a great opportunity to start as we move into a new series!

If you have any questions about Small Groups please get in contact with our church leadership team or send an e-mail to:



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